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Did your dad love you?
Well, he used to beat me in Morse code, so it's possible, but he never said it.
Mission 101 2009!!! 
9th-Jan-2009 01:32 pm

This would be my entry for the Mission 101 2009 'project'. :]

It took me a long while but I love my 101 things. XP

A bit about me, hmmm let’s see. I’m 20 my name’s Kirsten. I live, and all ways have lived, in Florida. I try to be optimistic, but truly I’m pretty darn pessimistic, lol. I’m in a pretty sucky rut in my life right now, lots of sucky family drama, but I try my best to not let it bother me.. Even though sometimes it makes me wanna smack a bitch, actually my uncle to be specific, all though you could call him a bitch, especially if he was a gal. Lol. XD I LOVE to sing, especially to Disney movies and Musicals, I especially love to dance and act ‘em out. But you’d never guess that if you ever ran into me at the mall. :/ I’m pretty shy and well pessimistic, lol. XP I had a pretty sucky life growing up that helped me be so pessimistic and ‘scared’ of people I don’t know. But I was super optimistic and friendly when I was a young kid, before all the crap… And well I’m gonna be like that again, some day dog-on-it! lol. XD Well I think that I’ve rambled on enough for one post, haha. :] Please feel free to add me on lj! I all ways add back 100% :D


Deep down in I’ve got a tiny Robin Williams in me just begging to be let out. XD


Now onto my list of pure awesomeness, haha. XP

Italic = working on
Bold = finished

-Task one, completed!! 8D

Only 100 more to go! X]


1. Finish my list for Mission 101 2009.

2. Get a job.

3. Take my dog for more walkies.

4. Have something fun and interesting to say to my ol’ [[ amazingly awesome]] teacher when I visit.

5. Get back in shape.

6. Get up before noon everyday, well at least on the weekdays.

7. Mediate for at least 1o minutes a day.

8. Go to culinary school

9. Make friends where I’m at now!

10. Talk more, don’t be so dog-on shy!!

11. Take my family [[the members I like]] out to dinner. [[After I get a job of course, lol.]]

12. E-mail my ol’ teacher every now and again.

13. Don’t worry about past events so much, what’s done it done.

14. Don’t beat myself up so much over mistakes, everybody makes ‘em.

15. Start writing my memoir.

16. Keep a journal.

17. Make a superly awesome scrapbook.

18. Get back into drawing!

19. Don’t get so mad all the time, or depressed for that matter. XP

20. Read the books I all ready own!!

21. Keep a list of all the new movies I see in 2009. [[ I’m all ready behind on this!! D8 ]]

22. Plan out the trip that I’m going to be taking with my best mate[s]. [[ Traveling to Alaska, from Florida, by motorcycle]] Even though it’s not going to happening for many years, lol. XP

23. Trust people more.

24. Pass all songs on DDR, that I have, on expert!!! >D

25. Seriously talk to my best mate why the heck she hates furries, miss wears the cat ears and meows.. Wtf??? [ Not a furry myself, but I don’t see the problem with ‘em. ] No comments stating how furs should yiff in hell and all that shit..

26. Get my self confidence back!!!

27. Go out to a karaoke bar with my mates!!!! 8D

29. Learn to line dance!!!

28. Go to country club!

30. Line dance my ass off all night long! XP

31. Ride a bull! [[ Or at least a mechanical bull again, lol. ]]

32. Volunteer at the animal conservancy.

33. Play my guitar[s]!!!!!!

34. Learn I’m Still A Guy on my guitar!!! 8D

35. Take a self-defense class.

36. Remember the name of the fitness program my ol’ teacher told me about

37. Then actually do the fitness program!

38. Get my tattoo!

39. Get my sis to draw it!

40. Get my buddies husband to tattoo it on me, lol. X]

41. Remember that it’s all ways darkest before the dawn!! 8D

42. Be thankful for what I have.

43. Ignore ignorant people.

43. Don’t let them piss you off.

44. Learn to play the piano, or at least learn to play the song that’s not really Bella’s Lullaby, haha.

45. Get a Nintendo DS.

46. Be a loser and get a Pokemon game from your DS, lol. XD

47. Take a hike.


49. Learn the Napoleon Dynamite and Evolution of Dance Dances!! 8D

50. Get my knowledge on animals back!

51. Own every Crocodile Hunter Episode. <3333


Damn, I’m only half way there. o_o


52. Drink more water!!

53. Don’t get over scheduled.

54. Pursue my love of early American History!

55. Eat a fried Twinkie!

56. Eat a fried Oreo!

57. Go to Sea World with my best mate[s]!!!

58. Get our picture taken with the pirate guy from the Symore [sp?] and Clyde show!

59. Get to work on my fantasy novel!!

60. Go to an Indian Reservation.

61. Go to a Medieval Fair

62. Go to that Scottish games fair thing in Tallahassee. [[The year my Mom and I remember about it and got tickets to it, it got rained out. And then I ended up sitting next to a guy who competed in the log/lumber throwing competition at the movie theater, I was wearing my kilt, and I learned that it’s a sport kilt, neat right? Well I also learned that even though the fair was ‘cancelled’ ‘cause of the rain that they still did their competitions! So not cool! Lol. XP

63. Go Skydiving.

64. Try to learn how to knit.

65. Climb a tree again.

66. Get Osgood and 30 sown into my Red Wings jacket.

67. Volunteer at a medieval fair.

68. Don’t be afraid to sing in front of others, even if I do suck, lol. XD

69. Watch and act out multiple Disney movies and Musicals with my friends. 8D LION KING/HAIRSPRAY Bitches!!! XD

70. Don’t eat so many dog-on potato chips!

71. Get certified in pet first aid

72. Find Jims Pet First Aid Book!!! O_O

73. Become certified in CPR

74. Get a real lasso.

75. Get, and STAY, Organized!

76. Stretch everyday when I wake up.

77. Go out side more.

78. Hike the Appalachian Trail with my mates.

79. Visit Jims place with my Mom again. [[He’s got a tiger, 3 panthers, a coatimonde [sp?], a wolf hybrid, a white face capuchin monkey, a raccoon, and more. :] All rescues.]]

80. Go to a Unitarian Church.

81. Clean out My Kitties litter box more often. XP

82. Volunteer at an Animal Shelter.

83. Watch every single Star Trek Episode.

84. Watch every single Boston Legal Episode.

85. Replace my sisters Notebook DVD.

86. Learn to dance like Elvis!!!

87. Play my air instruments in public more! XD


89. Watch every Scrubs Episode.

90. Volunteer on an Organic Farm.

91. Join the Woman’s Ice Hockey Team.


So close!!


92. Read my Coast Guard Manual!

93. Get awesome at knot tying!

94. Be my cheery silly goofy self in public!!

95. Don’t be so afraid to ask people if they need some help!!!!

96. Find and FRAME my Bill Clinton postcard.

97. Get my Bill Clinton postcard signed. [[THAT WOULD MAKE MY EVERYTHING]]  [[I’ve had this postcard since like gah, elementary school and I’m 20 now!! I luuuuurve it. XD]]

98. Find and Frame my Johnny Rzeznik autograph, and Aerosmtih autograph.

99. Get awesome at bracelet making. :D

100. Get my kitty an awesome kitty house!!!!!


Last one!!

Hmmm, I gotta make this good!!!


101. Spend more time with loved ones. :)


I finished it!! Whoooooo!!! 8D

-crosses off first thing-

Only 100 more to go. XD


Once more; please feel free to add me on lj! :]

I add back 100% XP


Gah! Or course now I keep thinking of awesome things I want to do but I’ve all ready got my 101! D8 lol. XP For instance how I should wash my bed sheets/blankets and vacuum my room more often, lol.





10th-Jan-2009 02:39 am (UTC)
55. Eat a fried twinkie

Sounds fun and sounds like it would taste good :D

List making sounds fun :D
10th-Jan-2009 04:36 pm (UTC)
I know, I've seen them on tv but I've never seen any in real life, so I might just have to make my own.. Somehow, haha. XD

List making is fun, well for me it is, haha. :D
10th-Jan-2009 04:31 pm (UTC)
wow, those are a lot of great goals!
congrats on achieving your first goal, haha.
i love to make lists, it's so insane, i have a book of lists. i think it might be somewhat an OCD tendency.
i do somethings sort of like that online, except it's called 43 things. [43things.com] where you get an account and make a life list of goals you want to achieve. [though, you can exceed 43 things which has never quite made sense to me] haha.
i hope you achieve all of them this year!
10th-Jan-2009 04:35 pm (UTC)
Haha, I have a list on 43things.com as well. :D
I've only had it for maybe like 5 days though, but I can't wait to start crossing things off. XP
10th-Jan-2009 06:12 pm (UTC)
89. Watch every Scrubs epsisode.

YES!!!!!!!! DO IT!!!!

55. Eat a fried twinkie.

NOOOOO!!!!!! I did it, and it was gross! The grease was like acid on my esophagus.

And to make things worse, it tasted good. So then I wanted to try another one. That could kill me!!!! So.... maybe just have a bite.
10th-Jan-2009 11:55 pm (UTC)
Thats pretty cool. Staying out of bed helps a lot.. Sorry, i'm into my health. Fit curtains that let the light through, the sunlight will help to wake you.

Once you have a routine, it'll be harder to sleep in and easier to be constructive (:
13th-Jan-2009 09:55 am (UTC)
this is the most random comment I've ever left. But if you go to animal planets website - you can buy a talking crocidile hunter action figure. =)
13th-Jan-2009 10:15 am (UTC)
Soooooo, yeah.. I checked out that Crocodile Hunter action figure, and well.. It turns out I all ready have it, lol. Except mine didn't come with a crocodile!

I was out grocery shopping at Win-Dixie with my Grandma and I saw it on the clearance table and I just had to have to it, so my Grandma being the awesome lady that she is bought it for me. XD

I still think it's strange that I got a Crocodile Hunter action figure at Win-Dixie, but hey I'm not complaining, lol.

BTW: It's the best action figure ever. <3
I'm such a geek, lol. XD

Steve Irwin was like one of my 3 MAJOR idols growing up. X] Besides him there was Bill Clinton and Johnny Rzeznik.... And Zorro and Batman, and the Green Power Ranger, of course, lol.

Okay I'm rambling now, I should go bed.
Holy crap it's past 5 in the morning! o_o
Well luckily I don't have any where to be tomor- today. :)
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